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Kentucky Derby Match Races

Kentucky Derby match races are a easy wager where you can place a bet on one horse versus another. You get to pick which horse will do better in the race compared to the other. Sometimes this is called a head-to-head bet. With up to 20 horses running in the field, you have lots of options with the Kentucky Derby match races.

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The 2022 Kentucky Derby Odds are live. Time to place your bet now!

Once the field for this year’s Kentucky Derby is finalized and post positions have been drawn, you will be able to see the odds of “match races”. Time for a review: What are match races in horse racing? Answer: Match races are bets that bettors can place on individual horses in a particular race. Instead of betting on whether a horse wins, places or shows, you are instead betting whether one horse will beat another horse! Ready to place your bets?

Horses - Kentucky Derby Matchups
Horses - Kentucky Derby Matchups - Sep 05
Kentucky Derby
@ Churchill Downs, Louisville, Ky
Honor A. P.-160
Sole Volante+115
Money Moves-135
Max Player-190
Necker Island+200
Attachment Rate-250
Storm The Court+125
Attachment Rate-210
Winning Impression+175
Max Player-235
Storm The Court+190
South Bend-150
Necker Island+130
Tiz The Law-440
Ny Traffic+330
Tiz The Law-430
Ny Traffic+105
Tiz The Law-160
- Updated October 16, 2020 17:33:19 Bet US Racing - Official Kentucky Derby Odds.